VeganMoFo Day 5

I’m afraid I have nothing interesting to post today. It’s been one of those Top Ramen noodles and chocolate chips kind of days, and since I jumped back in on a whim, I don’t exactly have anything prepared for these “just in case” kind of days. 

So it’s writer’s block prompt to the rescue!

Five kitchen utensils or gadgets you cannot live without. 

  1. My slow-cooker. It’s funny to include this, seeing as I’ve only had mine for less than a month. But now that I have it, I can never go back! It makes my favorite cheap meal (red beans and rice) an absolute breeze. I’ve also taken to cooking “refried” beans, chickpeas, and black beans from dry, and freezing them in can-size portions. I’m saving so much money from this jewel. 
  2. My muffin tins. Flavor wise, cakes are pretty low on my list of favorites, but cupcakes are probably the most fun thing to bake!
  3. My food processor. I go through hummus like nobody’s business, and now that I’ve learned to make it from scratch, I can enjoy it guilt-free and whenever I please! Packaged hummus is ridiculously expensive, and I used to have to limit myself to a package every paycheck. It’s also great for home-made veggie burgers.
  4. This is getting hard. . . I’m going to have to say my freezer next, for storing leftovers and home-boiled beans. It’s also great for fruit, so you can eat a rich smoothie, ice free. 
  5. Elbow grease? Again, I’m pulling at straws, but this is somewhat legitimate. I’m pretty old-fashioned. When recipes call for an immersion blender, I go at it with a potato masher. When I’m told to use a hand mixer, I grab a whisk. I’m only going to grab a hand mixer or standing mixer if I’m working on many projects at once, and need to save time. If I’m attacking one recipe at a time, I’m happy using muscles over electricity. 

2 thoughts on “VeganMoFo Day 5

    • Oh goodness, I guess I worded the poorly! Nah, I just had a bowl of noodles and snacked on chocolate chips by the handful, haha. But now there’s a challenge. . . I’ll see about doing something like that.

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