VeganMoFo Day 6

La dee da more boring stuff. I guess I’m going out to eat for dinner tonight, and plan on cooking up a storm over the weekend. I’ve been going about this all wrong – it’s time I start staggering my posts. In the meantime, here’s another prompt.

What was your first vegan cookbook?

The first vegan cookbook I purchased was Veganomicon! The first vegan book I purchased was A Vegan Girl’s Guide to Life, and it has recipes, but Veganomicon was my first full cookbook. Hell, the constant throwbacks from interviewees is what led me to purchase Veganomicon in the first place. And I love it!

One staple you will always find in my freezer is the Black Bean Burger from this book. That is, if they last long enough before I have time to make them again!

They’re delicious hot off the pan. . .

They freeze well. . .

And the leftovers are great microwaved, pan-fried, baked, or even thrown on the barbecue!

Now, the only commercial burgers I eat are when I’m trapped at Red Robin’s or Denny’s. Boca just seems like a sad grey lump compared to these.  (Their burgers, mind you. I am still loyal to their chik’n!)

I’ve also had some success with the banana bread . . . baked as muffins with chocolate chips and walnut pieces, of course!

Wednesday (Day 3)Breakfast - lower fat banana muffins with walnuts and chocolate chips (Veganomicon)A little gummy, but not bad for my first attempt at vegan baking!Edit: a generous spread of Earth Balance helpedAlso my roommate had one and I made no mention of it being vegan. He ASKED ME FOR THE RECIPE.

As you can tell from the coloring, I didn’t work out the oven temperatures too well. It was my first time baking vegan, to be fair, and maybe my third time baking at all with this crappy oven. . . But these were still good, nonetheless! If I could hold on to bananas long enough, I’d make them again.

I have a gazillion cookbooks despite being vegan all of four months, but I’m a bit of a bibliophile in general. You’re bound to see lots of different recipes featured here, as time goes on. If I can learn to document things, that is.


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