VeganMoFo Day 10 – Mac and Peas

I actually have two drafts pending, and I planned on editing one of those for today’s post. But I’m a real fail with the mobile app. . . So what was supposed to be a draft for a future post on Mac and Peas is instead the post of the day! . . . Yay?

This recipe was another hit – I didn’t even have to MEASURE. How great is that? I literally threw a bunch of things in the pan and the sauce was done at the same time as the pasta. Glory!

Ingredients. . . I’m a cheapskate with my generics and bulk items, but I’m lazy and grabbed whole wheat pastry flour since (yes), it was the one within arm’s reach. I’m five feet tall and my baking supplies are on the top shelf. Hush!


I had to melt more than two scoops of butter, since I was using light margarine. Ugh. Color me not-a-fan.


And I learned what should be obvious – don’t dump all the powder on the liquid at once. Sift slowly. Or you’ll be attacking it for what seems like forever.


When it reaches the shade and consistency of baby poop, you’re good to go. Just don’t think about it too much! (I had to use some almond milk to get it “saucy”.)


Throw that shit over your pasta and nom away!




I loved the spicy mustard flavor, and it was so good that I wasn’t upset about eating peas (which I don’t usually care for). Another success from The Vegan Stoner!


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