Vegan MoFo Day 11 – Pickle Pasta Salad

For my first experience with The Vegan Stoner, I decided on something safe: macaroni salad. A side dish to a staple dinner I already love – Veganomicon’s black bean burgers. I never cared much for macaroni salad growing up, but I figured this would be a safe way to try it out.  Click here for the recipe.

Here we have my take on the ingredients. . .


Including macaroni labeled as “pasta salad macaroni” in the bulk foods at my local store. I don’t see how it makes a difference, except that the shape is super cute!


And here’s a slightly prettier approach to the veggies. . .


And you basically just mix it all together. . .


And if you’re me and don’t care much for the flavor of plain mayonnaise, dress it up with spicy brown mustard and black pepper.


And there you have it!


Can’t you just imagine serving this up at a family barbecue?


Even the meat-eaters love it! A meat-eating friend of mine attacked it. When I said, “Can you leave some for leftovers?,” he said, “unlikely, bordering on ludicrous.” So there you go. Black bean heaven.


I got to hand it to The Vegan Stoner. . . again! It got me to voluntarily eat red peppers, and if you’ve read this blog for more than two posts. . . you’ll find me to be a picky eater who doesn’t care much for vegetables. You go, Vegan Stoner!


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