VeganMoFo Day 12 – HAULing Butt!

Let’s talk shopping! I’m one of those weirdos who loves to grocery shop. Like, loves it. I’m a chubby foodie, and when you put me in a grocery store, it shows. Not only that, but I’m a shop-a-holic in general, and since food is a biweekly necessity, I am actually allowed to go somewhat crazy. Somewhat. I am a bargain fiend and love to price-shop.

But this isn’t about bargain hunting. This is about junk and treats. Someday I plan on sharing the beauty that is my local bulk foods department, but today is not that day. Today I’m going to show you some snacks and treats I like to load up on. This is a haul post. This is the fun food.

Now, you’re going to have to excuse the quality on these pictures. Like many of my pictures, they’re captured in a tiny dark kitchen. I tried to catch what sunlight remained, but sunset was nearing, so that became difficult.

First and foremost: ice cream. I am an ice cream ADDICT! I try to stick to Trader Joe’s when I can, and buy their considerably cheap vanilla ice cream with maybe a box of ice cream sandwiches, if I’m feeling naughty. But even when I do that, I treat myself to a Rice Dream pie when I’m at Whole Foods. The Whole Foods in my area has a small selection of vegan ice creams in individual sizes, but I always reach for the Rice Dream mint pies. It’s basically a vegan mint Its-It. How can you deny yourself that?

Sometimes when I’m feeling really naughty, I’ll indulge in a pint of fun ice cream. I typically spend less than $4 for a quart at Trader Joe’s, so spending upwards of $6 for a pint. . . Yeah, that’s naughty all right. This shopping day was one of those days – I had driven by a Baskin Robins on my way to the store, and the craving for chocolate ice cream with peanut butter swirl was fierce.


On this shopping trip, there was a “sale” on Earth Balance and Back to Nature snacks. In addition to that, both of these categories were in the coupon booklet! Of course, this is Whole Foods, so the reality is that I maybe saved a dollar or two off of everything. But every bit counts, right? It finally gave me a chance to try Back to Nature chocolate chip cookies, which are basically veganism’s answer to Chips Ahoy/Famous Amos! Earth Balance puffs are a returning favorite. They’re like yeasty, even more expensive, Pirate’s Booty.


And of course. . Milk. Yes, I can buy “milk” at basically any major grocery store. However, it’s ridiculously hard to come by So Delicious Almond +Plus, especially in unsweetened form. I’ve seen the sweetened half-gallons at Walmart, but the versatility of unsweetened is only to be found here at Whole Foods.

Also we have coffee creamer. I try to only shop at Whole Foods once a month, if that, so I love that they’re carrying shelf-stable creamer now! Plus, it’s “barista style,” so if it’s anything like cafe style creamers from major creamer companies, it’s bound to be even better than what’s in the cold section!

And last but not least, soy milk. I prefer almond milk in day-to-day life, since I have an under-active thyroid (ie: soy is okay, just not in excess). But you know what soy does better than all other non-dairy milks? Curdles. It’s also one of the creamiest, second only to coconut, which has an overpowering flavor to it. So I like to have a box on hand for when I bake cakes. And since I’m not picky, you’ve got to love the price of the generics! Their 365 Organic milks cost less than commercial milks at cheaper stores!


And last but not least, no Whole Foods haul would be complete without meat and dairy analogues. Here we have the usual suspects:

  • Soy creamer in French Vanilla – It’s the only vegan creamer that I truly like so far, but maybe the barista style will change this?
  • Soyatoo! in heavy cream form – because who wants to waste $6 on a can of whipped cream you can’t use?
  • Earth Balance Mindful Mayo – I was running low on soy free Veganaise, and Earth Balance sells three non-soy products, all of which cost less? Yay!
  • Follow Your Heart Shreds – We’ll see on these. I’m the only vegan on god’s green earth that hates Daiya (or so it seems), so I’m hoping this will be more my style.
  • Soy Free Earth Balance – Boo on you, Smart Balance light!
  • Tofutti Sour Cream – I don’t even know why. I shopped hungry. I don’t LIKE sour cream. Maybe I’ll make a Texas sheet cake.
  • Plain yogurts, in soy and coconut – for two different Vegan Stoner recipes. Yes. There is more coming. Yes, I have a problem. It’s called laziness.
  • Chocolate Greek yogurt – DON’T SHOP HUNGRY. Also, there was a BOGO-ish deal on So Delicious yogurts.
  • Light Life smart dogs – Did I mention not to shop hungry? $4 hot dogs I ended up hating. Yugh. Maybe I’ll make some chili dogs to help mask the blandness. I thought these were the ones I bought in 2006 and loved. I must have been thinking Morning Star. . .


Let us not forget my beautiful WinCo Foods! This looks small, but I actually buy all of my essentials here. You’re seeing a small chunk of junk food out of a huge selection of whole foods, compared to my Whole Foods haul where I showed you every item I purchased. So.

There seemed to have been something super cool with Quaker Foods (WinCo calls this a “price shocker”), and these cereals were barely over a dollar each! AND these are vegan-ish, in that they don’t have Vitamin D3. (Sugar is ambiguous, however, if that’s a stresser for you).

And of course, ramen noodles. You never know when you’ll need them.


And here we have the “Wait. A Cheap Grocery Store Stocks THESE?” vegan items. Breakfast-y yogurts in strawberry and blueberry for $0.96 each. Great for quick breakfasts topped with fresh fruit and granola.

And cream cheese! Vegan cream cheese! WinCo doesn’t stock any other vegan cheeses, but they’re Go Veggie fiends. They have every slice of lactose-free cheese that I imagine the brand sells, but they refuse to sell a single one of those dairy free. Sigh. Still, can’t go wrong with vegan cream cheese below retail price, right?


And there’s my monthly junk food! I also can be found with Boca crumbles or chik’n, and the occasional Amy’s or Tofurky treat. If you worked late shifts, you’d probably be lazy, too!


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