VeganMoFo Day 18 – A WINNER IS YOU (ME)!

Again, I’m busy busy busy with working towards my future career, so. . . Not much to really discuss today!

Instead, I want to brag. I won one of the giveaways through VeganMoFo! And it was the one I was the most excited about – EARTH BALANCE!!! That’s right, 5 VIP coupons should be delivered to my door, assuming I replied with my address fast enough! 

I am SO excited! It’s all the self control I have to not go out and snag five bags of white cheddar puffs! 

Depending on when the coupons expire, I’m thinking. . . 
1) coconut spread
2) baking sticks (apparently now available soy free?)
3) shortening sticks
4) just ONE bag of the puffs. . . 
5) ??? Maybe they’ll have a seasonal soy milk soon? Maybe a store in my area stocks their nut butters? I’M SO EXCITED!

That’s the fun route. The practical route is buy five boxes of sticks and freeze them (if the coupons expire), or bring them with me to Whole Foods to save on my regular purchases, if they don’t. But a big part of me says screw that. Yes, I’m pretty broke, but that sounds like all the more reason to get a fun haul – when will I next have the chance? I might even go all new with this and say no to baking sticks and puffs. There are many things I’ve wanted to try but simply haven’t had the money for! 


Like. . . Just what is this sorcery?


3 thoughts on “VeganMoFo Day 18 – A WINNER IS YOU (ME)!

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