VeganMoFo Day 23 – Adventures in Squash, Part I

Over the weekend, I had. . . fun with squash! Man, that sounds lame. And it kind of was. . . But it was something of an arm workout. Have you ever tried cutting large gourds with a dull bread knife? I suggest you don’t. Seriously. . . don’t. But more on that later.

I started the Adventures in Squash on Saturday, while grocery shopping. As mentioned before, I do the bulk of my shopping on the paycheck where I don’t pay rent, and go to WinCo for dry and fresh goods, and Whole Foods for packaged vegan specialties.

On the paycheck where I do pay rent, however, I still need food. . . Just less of it! WInCo is amazing, but it’s a pain in the ass if you’re only buying a few vegetables and some bread. They don’t have a 20 items or less lane, or even 10 items or less. It’s either wait in a poorly managed line with everyone and their mother, waiting upwards of ten minutes just to touch the belt, or stop at Customer Service if you have less than five items, and none of them can be items you weigh, such as produce or bulk foods.

So, on in-between trips, I’m all about Walmart. Yes, there are ethical issues with Walmart, but I’m a broke (kinda)student, so I don’t have the money to really care. I also stop by Trader Joe’s for my in-between vegan specialties, such as ice cream, flavored hummus, and chocolate.

This weekend, I found two squashes I never can seem to find when I hear about them: spaghetti squash and sugar pumpkins! The sketti squash was from Trader Joe’s, where I vow to never buy produce. But how could I resist the opportunity? This led me to buy even more items I usually would not get at Trader Joe’s, for one awesome meal.

So. . . on the knife issue. I was sawing away at my giant-ass gourd with a weak-ass knife, and it was going all of nowhere. Luckily, my kitchen-mate/neighbor saw me struggling and offered me a sharper knife. OH (Obnoxious Hand) then pulled the Gentleman Card and sliced it open for me. I’m perfectly capable of doing it myself but. . . I’m also a klutz, so I let it slide.

Here’s the beauty all sliced up. . .


And gutted, seasoned, oiled. . . Ready to go! (I used a little salt and garlic powder.)


While gutting the squash, I noticed the seeds looked remarkably similar to pumpkin seeds.


So I cleaned them up and set them aside for Part II.


I then threw some frozen Meatless Balls in a sauce pan. . .


And cooked them in cheapo spaghetti sauce. . .


Served it all up with artisan bread and butter. . .


And. . . forgot to take a picture of the plates???? Here’s some boring photos of the plain squash, instead.


Look at them “noodles”!


Overall, this adventure was. . . a major pain in my ass. The squash took forever to prepare. I think I’d be happier making wheat pasta and tossing in some vegetables with the sauce. Still, it impressed OH, and that’s got to mean something, right?


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