VeganMoFo Day 26 – Eclectic Noms

I officially can’t make it to twenty posts for the month. Oops. To be fair, I’m doing alright for having a) not planned ahead b) not signed up for the actual event. So ha!

I have nothing prepared today. Sooner rather than later, I plan on making pumpkin cheesecake tarts (in mini-graham cracker crusts)!  Sooner rather than later, I’m hoping to receive my Earth Balance coupons. So that will be fun. And I have been cooking. . . I just haven’t been writing things down. I’m in that end of the month, must-use-all-the-old-stuff stage. The old stuff isn’t quite enough to do on its own, so I’m combining with the new. It’s yielding tasty results, but everything is being eyed and it would be silly to measure anything. So enjoy the eclectic noms for now.

Take out sushi from none other than my precious Sushi Lover! Avocado and sesame seeds topping a tempura veggie roll. YUM. I did without the “wasabi” and ginger.


The much less fancy, but much more work friendly. . . Gardein sliders! Gardein’s “I’m meat-free” subtitle always amuses me in that the product might be free of meat. . . but it’s also apparently sentient. Hee hee.
I don’t much like the excessive onion taste in these, but it’s nice to have a backup work snack that is not an Amy’s burrito or oriental Top Ramen. Meh.  (Sidenote: I’ve yet to check in store, but according to the ingredients and my amateur knowledge, the chili flavor might also be vegan?)


Two nights ago I threw in some fried Smart Dogs and frozen broccoli into a ??? mac and cheeze from scratch. Whole wheat shells with a roux of whole wheat flour and Smart Balance light, some almond milk, nooch, spicy brown mustard, siracha, Go Veggie cream cheese, and cheddar Follow Your Heart shreds. Yum. . . and more importantly, an amazing way to use up ingredients I didn’t like and couldn’t find much use for, transforming them into something not only edible, but quite tasty!


It finally started to cool down here, so last night I made OH and I some hot cocoa from scratch. The last of my almond/coconut milk went with some additional almond milk, some soy creamer, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and a touch of pre-made hot cocoa powder. The almond/coconut and hot cocoa powder were sweetened, so I only needed about 1/2tsp of agave to balance it out. Topped it with Dandies marshmallows (only one for me, chopped as below). It was awesome – tasted remarkably like dairy cocoa in texture, and the obviously non-dairy flavors from the milk only enhanced the flavor! It tasted a lot like when you add Steven’s brand cocoa to dairy milk, if memory serves correctly.


We followed the cocoa up with The Vegan Stoner’s Rice Balls. Because the Vegan Stoner is incapable, these did not disappoint! HOWEVER, it was extremely annoying trying to form the balls without the rice sticking all over your hand. This is the only ball I could photograph without the filling spilling out.


I hope to try something more exciting for tomorrow. In the meantime. . . As Tigger would say, “TTFN – Tata for now!”


2 thoughts on “VeganMoFo Day 26 – Eclectic Noms

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