VeganMoFo Day 27 – My Apologies to Daiya

I was wrong.

I was wrong about everything. Thank you, Tofurky, for showing me the light.

It showed me the light so hard that I gobbled it up. I didn’t’ take any pictures. None. It went straight down our gullets. Thank you. Thank you thank you THANK YOU.

The box is the garbage.

It was just SO GOOD. It was like cheap pizza, like Tony’s. But in an AMAZING way. I think my issue with fake cheeze/pizza is that it tries to be fancy if you say, make it at home, or order it in a parlor. This was trying to be cheap tasting. And there was so much spicy pepperoni to very little cheeze. I was just in HEAVEN.

If you haven’t yet, you need to EAT THIS. EAT IT. SERIOUSLY.

Down it with a pint of ice cream for extra PMS-ready goodness.


2 thoughts on “VeganMoFo Day 27 – My Apologies to Daiya

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