VeganMoFo Day 30 – This is The End!

So I guess this is it. I didn’t really do what I set out to do, but that’s okay. The point is, I kept up with blogging through the whole month, even if it wasn’t as frequently as I would have liked. No, I didn’t have a theme. No, I didn’t post more than a single recipe. But overall, I’m satisfied. I blogged. I did it.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the strength or motivation to give a good send off. I have drafts galore with all the things I could review, walk through, etc. But I don’t want to. My personal life has basically been turned upside down and I need to focus a bit more on picking up the pieces.

Today was so hectic, I haven’t had anything more than a single mini-donut. It was pumpkin and delicious, but yeah. That’s it. I’m not exactly in the right place to be blogging about food.

So enjoy this picture of food that I ate recently and didn’t particularly enjoy. Don’t look at the background if you’re easily offended by drawings of dead fish.


Sushi Lover fried tofu with tempura sauce. I love Sushi Lover and this was quite the treat with OH, but plain fried tofu is hardly my cup of tea.  Based on the wording on the menu, it sounded like it would be a tofu roll. C’est la vie. At least I can leave you with a picture, without irritating my appetite!

P.S.: The VeganMoFo “challenge” (if you will) did leave me the motivation to really get my blog going. I’m thinking of posting at least twice a week, with something like Savory Mondays and Sweet Fridays.

The Betty Crocker Project and the more famous, less vegan Julie/Julia project have given me the idea to do something similar, since I want to know how to cook, but I hardly have the varied experience. “Why do you have a food blog?” you may be asking. Good question. To learn!

I’m thinking if I do this, I’ll tackle Veganomicon, and I’ll do it as a new year’s resolution. Stay tuned!


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