“Sweet” Friday?

As I mentioned on Monday, I am planning on taking a twice weekly approach to my posts: Mondays for savory foods -Fridays for sweets, with random posts in between when warranted. Awesome thing is, I recently made pumpkin donuts from Betty Goes Vegan. Not so awesome thing, I am currently without a phone charger and my pictures are still trapped on the phone. But every cloud has a silver lining, as many cliche, and this is a great excuse to unload a sweet-heavy draft I’ve been neglecting for months.

I mentioned this trip to Great Full Gardens before, in my anti-Daiya post. If whiny vegans irritate you, I suggest avoiding that link. Instead I want to tell you the good!


Before we stopped in for dinner, I insisted on buying cupcakes from neighboring Batch, thinking there was no way I’d end up finding a (nothing with eyes, all organic, all natural, all good) dessert for me at Great Full. I was, of course, wrong. More on that later. The green one was mine, chocolate with mint buttercream, and it was delicious. Batch is just my style: (comparatively) light on icing, and much more vegan friendly than Reno’s favorite cupcake shop. The other one belonged to Zayne/OH, and if memory serves, it was chocolate caramel pretzel.

That pink stuff was delicious watermelon creme Oogave. YUM! This was just delightful – sweet, just the right amount of tart, and not fake-tasting like standard fruity sodas.

We then split a veganized bruschetta, which the waitress was gracious enough to offer with Daiya, no charge. (As it wasn’t under a bed of Tofurky pepperoni bits, I picked a lot of it off. Rude of me, I know.)


Zayne had the (meat) Ruben and I went boring, as usual: with the fettuccine. I was about to go with pizza, but after eating the appetizer and realizing, “no Maddie, you hate Daiya,” I quickly made the switch. Next time I have the money, I’m thinking vegan Ruben. I’m just afraid nothing will hold up to the fettuccine!


In the end, it turned out. . . cute little hipster cafe is vegan friendly outside of vegan cheezes (shock, right?). Lo and behold: vegan dessert! This was my first time eating “raw” and not a Larabar. It was delicious! It actually tasted like cheesecake (even OH agreed)! If memory and picture serve correctly, the cheesecake that day was chocolate cherry. Whatever it was, it was amazing.

I’ve since returned to Great Full Gardens twice, for drinks. Once I stopped in for a latte (which was pretty darn good). Recently, they revised their menu to be more clear (now everything that is vegan is clearly marked, leaving no ambiguity at all). When they updated their menu, they added a new item: Oogave root beer with Coconut Bliss FLOAT! VEGAN FLOATS! Not  your every day treat given the cost, but it was an amazing summer treat! Unfortunately, its tasty beauty and OH’s signature obnoxious hand, like the pumpkin donuts, are trapped in my phone. You’ll just have to imagine this one.


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