Sweetie. . . Tuesday – OH’s B-Day!!

My twice-weekly posting plan is. . . failing so far. I’ve been caught up in other goals: fitness goals. So that’s not too bad, right?

It’s not the best of excuses, given that I do most of my posting during down time between work and studying. You know, while. . . already on the computer.

Here’s a few more sheepish ellipses: . . . – . . . – . . .

Anyway, I realized today that I needed to post. I had planned to post this on Friday, but I thought it would be best to actually post rather than preserve a theme.

My camera was dead during the actual baking process (recurring theme), so you can instead enjoy the beautiful shots of my cake in transport. Yes, my car is messy. Yes, I made sure everything was sanitary and stable. The cake is actually in a large bit of Tupperware – I removed the lid for the pictures, but it’ safe from car messiness. Just consider it “art.”




I am quite obviously not a professional cake decorator. I’m learning! This was my first time making a serious attempt to decorate a layer cake, or a cake other than a cupcake. I don’t think I’ve ever written in icing before.and my writing is atrocious enough with a pen. Let’s give me a bag of butter-cream!

For the blue icing, I actually cheated. I used one of those little icing packs with the change-able plastic tips. It was “accidentally vegan” and gave me a steadier hand to work with. PLUS, I didn’t have to work on a fourth recipe. Recipe number four for something that hardly imparts flavor? Nah.

I baked this cake and ganache from the Post Punk Kitchen. I was going to fill cake with chocolate mousse, but I bought too soft of tofu. Apparently, there is a huge difference between silken soft and silken extra-firm. The difference is melted milkshake vs mousse. I ended up throwing in some powdered sugar and even cornstarch, but it wouldn’t set. I threw in peanut butter – nothing. I finally took spoonfuls of this mess and beat it with powdered sugar for a peanut-butter-chocolate glaze.

Overall, it’s not perfect, but I’m very satisfied with the results! I haven’t had samples of the whole cake, but I did have little tastes of each component: all but the decorator’s icing are either good (filling) or GREAT (Isa’s stuff).  I can’t wait to show it off to Mr. Obnoxious Hand!


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