Vegan Mofo Day 3 – I Need Some Real Posts, Dude

Today wasn’t the cooking/baking day that I had hoped for, but instead a day of getting the car fixed. I also caught up on sleep, which was nice. However, I might lose my “Sunday” tomorrow due to being called in. Can’t I just cook and sleep? Please? No?

My guy and I went out to eat and I realized that I’m. . . I’m not used to food blogging any more. It’s just no longer an instinct. I had this amazing Coconut Bliss  bar that was on sale but forgot to take a picture until the last bite. The guy took the picture for me and couldn’t stop laughing because it was, and I quote, “the stupidest picture I have ever taken.” Sorry. I assure you, it was delicious! Like many vegans, I’m getting sick of the coconut takeover. Coconut ice cream in a complimentary flavor is just divine, though. I can’t help but compare this ice cream bar to Magnum or Haagen Daaz: the rich ice cream bar of the vegan world.


My beautiful picture to capture the moment.


The food food was from the Qdoba nearest our house, which is conveniently in the Whole Foods parking lot. Do I enjoy being able to have a filling dinner and a dessert? In one trip? Yes, yes I do.

I usually go for the Mexican Gumbo, but a veggie gumbo doesn’t come with guacamole, even if you go cheese-less. The burrito comes with guacamole, says so right on the menu!, but I still almost got charged extra! Guh. I went for a “naked” burrito with the tortilla on the side, and we split chips and pico. It really hit the spot in a way only. . . Qdoba. . . . will? I almost forgot about Chipotle, which Reno technically has now. You know what Reno does not have? Sofritas. Multiple locations. Basically, the Chipotle has fewer options for me and is over-crowded. I’d much rather have the option of tortilla soup and a smaller crowd, given the choice.

Plus, did I mention the shared-parking-lot thing? Yeah, that’s freaking sweet too.

I really want to update you on jam and/or pie! And bread or pizza! These are projects I am really looking forward to, but I can’t get any reasonable time off work. Please don’t give up on me yet!


3 thoughts on “Vegan Mofo Day 3 – I Need Some Real Posts, Dude

  1. no sofritas?! that’s an outrage! they are so, so good. have you tried pestering chipotle on twitter? they’re fairly responsive. meanwhile, qdoba is definitely a good option, so at least you have that!

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