Vegan Mofo Day 7 – A Preview of Things to Come

About a year ago, I found myself really into freezer cooking. This happened to come around right around the time. . . my phone and camera broke. Yep. I had an in-progress draft saved here for months now and thought it would be a great teaser for where my blog is going.

As you can probably see by the picture and description below, I had quite the stockpile going! It was rather eclectic, but it worked.


Pictured above (in varying degrees of visibility):


Random snapshot I took while doing the prep. Pictured: chickpea cutlets and mustard sauce (not in freezer pic above).


I also documented my first freezer-to-crockpot experience: the chili and corn-muffins. I froze everything but the water and lentils and added them in once defrosted. Muffins defrosted on counter while the stew cooked. YEP, amazing.

What did I tell you? AMAZING! The avocado could have been applied in a prettier way, but I was tired. It was near midnight. That was kind of the whole point with freezing and slow cooking. But I was very happy with how it worked out, flavor-wise! 

If you’re curious, the jambalaya didn’t work out so well. It wasn’t the freezing process that killed it, but two things:
1) I was using brainy seitan (my first attempt!)
2) The recipe was just NOT meant for a crock-pot. Oops! 

Everything else worked out just as well as the chili, but I no longer had a camera to document it. I definitely want to show you guys more freezer meals as time goes on, so anyone as busy as I am can still enjoy a delicious meal. 

Until tomorrow!