Vegan Mofo Day 14 – Earth Balance (Vegan Cheddar Flavor) Squares

Plenty of people have reviewed these crackers already, and I am aware that I am some months late on the band wagon. I hadn’t purchased these yet because while I did enjoy the odd cheese cracker before going vegan, it isn’t something that I miss too much. I didn’t find myself craving them regularly, like cheese puffs or boxed macaroni. So while I was curious, I couldn’t motivate myself to purchase crackers that were nearly a dollar per ounce at the local Whole Foods.

What made me change my mind? A sale bringing them down to a mere four-fifty per box? (Have you ever seen Whole Foods’ sales? Silliness.) Shop lifting? A charitable donation?

Try the 99 Cents Only store. I found myself in this store this week because money is extremely tight for us right now while we work out some debt. I figured we’d buy what we could there and figure out what’s left for food after the bills. Not a bad plan, right?

The 99 cents store is actually pretty awesome. If you haven’t been and your frame of reference is The Dollar Tree, trust me when I say it is nearly fifty times better, food-wise. Sure, there aren’t any mini jars of Just Mayo, but isn’t that Dollar Tree’s one vegan selling point? The only one? 99 cents store is like a tiny Grocery Outlet. In addition to regular offerings like cheap-tasting bread and processed “cheese product,” they have factory rejects and overstock out the ying-yang. And unlike the overstock at Grocery Outlet, everything is a dollar. It’s really hit or miss, shopping there. Once I found Silk yogurts and Enjoy Life cereal. Once I found Earth Balance cheese puffs (and bought eight bags). Often times I find nothing special, but a few decent items. Friday I found Earth Balance crackers.


Sorry, Earth Balance, but one dollar for a 6 oz box is more my budget. In a lapse of logic, I bought five. I quite literally bought five for the price of one. (Wasn’t the idea to NOT spend five dollars on cheese crackers?)


I was shocked when I opened the bag. They smelled just like a box of freshly-opened Cheez-its.


As for the flavor. . . they’re alright. They’rd oddly sweet, and don’t have the grease and salt that I miss from the Nabisco treats. I’m kind of glad I didn’t pay a steep price, but I’m a bit overwhelmed by the five boxes. I might try making crusted tofu/seitan, or maybe doing a casserole. Cheese-cracker baked mac and cheese, anyone?