Vegan MoFo Day 13 – Breakfast Food Has Many Uses

One thing you should all know about me: I am addicted to a few sitcoms. When I get addicted to sitcoms, I quote things at stupid times. My latest obsession has been Parks and Rec, and don’t think for one minute that it’s been off the hook, quote-wise.


  • “Give me all of the ________ you have. I’m afraid you heard, ‘give me a lot of _____.’ What I said was, ‘give me all of the _____ you have.” Item changed by situation. Sometimes I even say the real “bacon and eggs,” though I obviously eat neither.
  • “Oh, you beautiful tropical fish.”
  • “LITERALLY. . . ” not more than usual or anything, but I use Chris’ tone every damn time. Do you remember this year’s shark week commercial? “So. . . sharky. . .”? LITERALLY the weirdest commercial I’ve ever seen. Except for all the product placement in Wayne’s World I’M SORRY I’M SORRY!!!
  • The Pit
  • And best of all. . . “Hey baby, if you’re going in the kitchen, can you make me pancakes real quick?”

Like, I’m not kidding. Every time my boyfriend goes to the kitchen or is even remotely near it, I will find an opportunity. Yesterday, he obliged.


Not mine!!

Yes, I have the best boyfriend in the world. I was feeling crampy and icky, and he made me feel 102101230x better with pancakes!


The recipe was none other than the famous Puffy Pillow Pancakes. These are seriously the best pancakes I’ve ever had – vegan or no. And they’re very easy to make! I’ve made them so many times that I actually summarized the Isa Does It version onto my print-out home “cookbook.” You know, so I can wipe the page covers clean and not ruin my gorgeous book any more than necessary. That’s how much I use it.

I thought of being creative with fruit, peanut butter, or even chocolate. But before I could make any suggestions, they were delivered to me the old-fashioned way: with “butter” and flavored corn syrup. Yum.

To be fair, I wasn’t entirely lazy. The day before, I spent my day off doing this:

wpid-20140911_142730.jpg wpid-20140911_210843.jpg

When our stuff used to look like THIS:


And I actually spared you quite a bit of gory details. I left out any and all detail shots that could have traumatized. It wasn’t just that everything was messy, it was out and out dirty. See the bathtub ring? Imagine that but everywhere. And not all dead skin and soap particles, but also dust and food and god-knows-what-else. I set out to clean the whole house and this took most of the day! Yuck.

I’ve only blogged 8/13 days so far. That’s not the best – but I have drafts now! YAY, productivity!


Sweetie. . . Tuesday – OH’s B-Day!!

My twice-weekly posting plan is. . . failing so far. I’ve been caught up in other goals: fitness goals. So that’s not too bad, right?

It’s not the best of excuses, given that I do most of my posting during down time between work and studying. You know, while. . . already on the computer.

Here’s a few more sheepish ellipses: . . . – . . . – . . .

Anyway, I realized today that I needed to post. I had planned to post this on Friday, but I thought it would be best to actually post rather than preserve a theme.

My camera was dead during the actual baking process (recurring theme), so you can instead enjoy the beautiful shots of my cake in transport. Yes, my car is messy. Yes, I made sure everything was sanitary and stable. The cake is actually in a large bit of Tupperware – I removed the lid for the pictures, but it’ safe from car messiness. Just consider it “art.”




I am quite obviously not a professional cake decorator. I’m learning! This was my first time making a serious attempt to decorate a layer cake, or a cake other than a cupcake. I don’t think I’ve ever written in icing before.and my writing is atrocious enough with a pen. Let’s give me a bag of butter-cream!

For the blue icing, I actually cheated. I used one of those little icing packs with the change-able plastic tips. It was “accidentally vegan” and gave me a steadier hand to work with. PLUS, I didn’t have to work on a fourth recipe. Recipe number four for something that hardly imparts flavor? Nah.

I baked this cake and ganache from the Post Punk Kitchen. I was going to fill cake with chocolate mousse, but I bought too soft of tofu. Apparently, there is a huge difference between silken soft and silken extra-firm. The difference is melted milkshake vs mousse. I ended up throwing in some powdered sugar and even cornstarch, but it wouldn’t set. I threw in peanut butter – nothing. I finally took spoonfuls of this mess and beat it with powdered sugar for a peanut-butter-chocolate glaze.

Overall, it’s not perfect, but I’m very satisfied with the results! I haven’t had samples of the whole cake, but I did have little tastes of each component: all but the decorator’s icing are either good (filling) or GREAT (Isa’s stuff).  I can’t wait to show it off to Mr. Obnoxious Hand!