Vegan Mofo Day 7 – A Preview of Things to Come

About a year ago, I found myself really into freezer cooking. This happened to come around right around the time. . . my phone and camera broke. Yep. I had an in-progress draft saved here for months now and thought it would be a great teaser for where my blog is going.

As you can probably see by the picture and description below, I had quite the stockpile going! It was rather eclectic, but it worked.


Pictured above (in varying degrees of visibility):


Random snapshot I took while doing the prep. Pictured: chickpea cutlets and mustard sauce (not in freezer pic above).


I also documented my first freezer-to-crockpot experience: the chili and corn-muffins. I froze everything but the water and lentils and added them in once defrosted. Muffins defrosted on counter while the stew cooked. YEP, amazing.

What did I tell you? AMAZING! The avocado could have been applied in a prettier way, but I was tired. It was near midnight. That was kind of the whole point with freezing and slow cooking. But I was very happy with how it worked out, flavor-wise! 

If you’re curious, the jambalaya didn’t work out so well. It wasn’t the freezing process that killed it, but two things:
1) I was using brainy seitan (my first attempt!)
2) The recipe was just NOT meant for a crock-pot. Oops! 

Everything else worked out just as well as the chili, but I no longer had a camera to document it. I definitely want to show you guys more freezer meals as time goes on, so anyone as busy as I am can still enjoy a delicious meal. 

Until tomorrow!


Vegan Mofo Day 6 – I’m Drowning

Ugh. Guess who got called into work Thursday? Me. Who stayed an hour late Friday? Me. Who’s staying 3-4 hours late today? Me. Who’s trying to run a food blog for once but HAS NO TIME?! MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME.

I never intended for this blog to be like a third-rate Laziest Vegans, but that’s apparently where we’re at. 

I bought these awesome ciabatta hot dug buns on clearance and have been using them to make garlic bread. Garlic bread is something I never really had the urge to make vegan and I’m not sure why. It’s so. . . easy. Like, you take your normal garlic bread stuff and basically.  . replace butter with Earth Balance and replace the parmesan with nooch. I didn’t have any parsley on hand, but it was still amazing!




I also have been stress-eating these “Soy Creamy” ice cream sammies from Trader Joe‘s. It’s hard to beat ice cream at this price and the only flaw is that they’re not Neapolitan. Double yum.  

In this shot and all following, please ignore the messiness of the apartment. Have I mentioned how busy I am? image

Also from Trader Joe’s: crescent rolls. I usually just buy Pilsbury’s or store-brand, but I forgot until I was at Trader Joe’s. D’oh! I used some leftover Tofurkey dogs and made crescent dogs. Yum. Lazy and yum.image

Classy “bite out of it” shot. It’s like the cross-cut but lazier and less hygienic. 


One perk to coming in on my day off is that my boss decided to give me a $5 Starbucks gift card as a “thank you.” I used it to buy my yearly green tea frap and it was, of course, delicious. Oddly enough, it’s no longer listed on the menu. But if you ask, they’ll still make it. 

Please ignore the non-vegan frapp in the background. It’s a figment of your imagination. (I’m one of those vegan “traitors” and have an omnivorous partner. Sorry if that offends you.) The purse, however, is a $15 “all man-made materials” bag. No leather to be found! 


And finally from Trader Joe’s: hummus cups. Basically the cheaper version of what I’ve been supplying demand for at 7-11. It’s also a bit more authentic in that it’s served with pita chips, not pretzel crisps. Delicious. Great served with re-constituted peach tea. Or lemonade. Or lemonade slurpees. . . Except they stopped those this week. Sad-face. 

This post has been incredibly disjointed. Thanks for sticking around and waiting out a proper post! Someday soon, I hope. Someday soon. I have some big projects in the works (but I won’t discuss those until they’re finalized). Until next time!

Vegan on a Budget – Local Store Guide

Ethical living doesn’t have to be expensive, in terms of animal cruelty. You just need to learn to rethink your shopping.

When I first went vegan, I broke the bank. I bought everything I found with that beautiful vegan label. I ate out constantly, not knowing how to prepare enough vegan meals to get me by. Over the following months, however, I learned how to rethink my shopping.

This is something of a regional guide. Not all stores I mention here will be available in your area. Maybe none will be. Maybe only Walmart will. But this is all based on what I found, shopping in my Nevada town.

The (Major) Stores – In Order of Region 

  • Scolari’s and Sak N Save: the only true local store to my area, headquartered in Sparks, NV.
  • Save Mart  (known in some regions as Lucky, FoodMaxx): Northern California and Northern (western) Nevada only.
  • Rayley’s (known in some regions as Bel Air, Nob Hill): Northern California and “Northern” Nevada
  • WinCo: West. Specifically. . . Washington-idaho-nevada-California-oregon. . . (or Winning Company, if you want to be technical) But then Utah and Arizona came along and ruined everything.
  • Smith’s: extension of Kroger, a national chain. (Per wiki, Smith’s is in the southwest and Rockies.)
  • Safeway: international chain. (U.S. and Canada)
  • Trader Joe’s: national chain.
  • Whole Foods: international chain. (U.S. and U.K.)
  • Walmart: international super-chain. (I’m sure you know just how global they truly are.)

Scolari’s/Sak N Save
As I mentioned, I do not shop at these stores. I never have, since moving to the area. My reasons are simple: price. Sak N Save is apparently the “cheap” version of Scolaris (which I have literally never shopped at), and I can count the times I have shopped there on one hand. The prices, I’ve found, are always inferior, and they don’t even have great quality to back it up. I’ve shopped there only once since going vegan, when my boyfriend had a job interview at a neighboring store. I picked up this cookie:


Which was great. Like a vegan, extra nutritious cookie from Pepperidge Farms. But in the future, if I really have a hankering, I’ll pick it up at Whole Foods. It’s conveniently at the front of the store near the buffet, with other single serving snacks.

Save Mart
I shop here often, but not much in terms of dollars spent. It’s basically the neighborhood grocery. . . the closest grocery store to my house, my boyfriend’s house, my mother’s house. . . And my office is even a stone’s throw away from a Save Mart parking lot!

Not my favorite in terms of price, but sometimes you can’t beat convenience. I’ve been known to grab a can of peas or frozen dinner, every now and then. For being the neighborhood grocery store, it’s actually pretty vegan friendly (just. . . again. . . not wallet friendly).

Every Save Mart I’ve stepped in has had at least one vegan ice cream, and one variety of Veganaise. Many have a variety of Tofurky products and one Earth Balance margarine. Some even have “Go Veggie!” shreds. I can even count on them to have a pint of Silk creamer in vanilla, just in case I forgot a quart from Whole Foods.

Last night, while picking up chips, I found even more goodies!


Vastly superior “barista style” creamer (at barista style prices).


Vegan mylk chocolate? I may or may not have impulsively grabbed the crunch bar. . .


And last but not least, Enjoy Life chips! I’ve never seen them in store before, and I’ve always wanted the adorable chunks! Of course, with the price, we’re talking Christmas cookie treat only.

Sidenote: my hometown Redding is home to a Food Maxx, which is basically nothing like Save Mart at all. The prices are better with a worse selection: wallet friendly, not so much vegan friendly.

I NEVER shop here. I loved this little store when I was a young vegetarian in Redding, as they have an extensive natural foods extension, and will still cost you less than a local organic store or co-op. However, if you have a Whole Foods, shop there. Rayley’s is ridiculously expensive on these items. It’s really sad when Whole Foods is your bargain! The only thing I like about RaYley’s is they have a good Tofutti selection, including their version of drumsticks and their American cheeze slices. Are these treats fun? Yes. Are they worth going down there more than once or twice a year? No.


Well. . . almost. . .

Winco Foods
It just might kill me not to turn this into an Ode to Winco. I have mentioned plenty of times how I much I love this store, however, so I won’t bore you too much.

As far as vegan specialties go, their selection is “meh.” Great selection on Boca and Tofurky, but the only cheeze is Go Veggie! cream cheese (bird poo when compared to Tofutti). They have Silk yogurts in blueberry and strawberry, which is great. And they have your standard mylks: Silk and Almond Breeze, and sell both brands’ iced coffees at a great deal.

However, I shop here for the prices. They are, hands down, the cheapest place to shop. This is also the case in Redding, and I’m going to make a bold statement: if you have a WinCo in your town, it will be cheaper than any other store and you should drop your routine and make them your number one store. Seriously. Just do it.

They have cheaper prices on brand names, like Quaker and Sara Lee. They have cheap prices on their generic brand Hy-Top. Most of my pantry items are Hy-Top labeled. They have amazing prices on produce (without sacrificing quality).

Most importantly: their bulk foods section is of the gods. I laugh in the face of boxed pastas and bags of beans and grains. If I already have a dedicated bottle, McCormick and etc. make me giggle. If you want natural nut butter, you can grind peanuts and almonds fresh and take it straight home. Every granola you can imagine, including several that are vegan-friendly, they got you covered. Pet food? You’re good. Every and all flour or sugar you could need? Including ORGANIC sugar (and thus bone char free)? Yes indeed.

The only complaint about WinCo is about staffing. You don’t want to shop there when SNAP, Social Security, and WIC are processed. You are best to avoid it on the weekends, if possible. You have to bag your own goods. But if you’re lucky to bring home $1000 dollars a month, you’re not going to care.

I never shop here and can’t speak for prices. I have shopped there once since going vegan, to pick up a bag of Dorritos in order to break a $20. It has never been in my interest to return. They seemed to be pretty medium-priced, and they’re not anywhere near my neighborhood.

I never shop here. I went there once or twice when I was living in Pacifica, but that’s about it. Out of my price range and neighborhood.

Trader Joe’s
I shop here maybe once every month or two. It’s a great place to get cheap ice cream, cheeze, and cream cheeze. Their prices on sliced sourdough will make San Luis hang his head in shame. I used to love their veggie sushi, but they changed the recipe to worship mushrooms. They also have the best prices for individual Luna bars, and have good deals on natural toiletries. They also have fun things like fancy alcohol, chocolate, and “butters” (ie: pumpkin, speculoos). They sell cheap versions of expensive things, but I don’t often have the time to stop by. If I race against the clock and bring along an insulated grocery bag, I might shop here on the same day as Whole Foods, since they’re only a few blocks apart.

Whole Foods
I shop here for only the most specialized of specialty vegan foods, and only once a month. . . Unless I crave ice cream or run out of a toiletry.

They’re the best place in town to buy your vegan mayonnaise, margarine, and cheeze. The selection is amazing, and is often cheaper than at a “normal” grocery store. You will never (ever) see me grab an apple or bag of rice from this store, but over time, I’ve learned how to use Whole Foods to my advantage.

If you like something that isn’t available generic elsewhere, but is at Whole Foods: choose the 365 version. It’s going to be cheaper than the brand name, at least with mylk and vegan toiletries. I bought shampoo yesterday, and I could have sworn from the price tag I was purchasing Tresseme. I picked up vanilla soymilk for a friend: $1.67 for one quart.

Also, they’re more likely than other stores to have vegan items on sale or with store coupon. Yesterday, they were selling So Delicious almond milk (my favorite) for $1.57 per quart. I bought all my arms could carry! (Even Walmart should be hanging their head in shame!)

Just stay clear of the packaged vegan foods, and you’ll be fine. Unless you like buying frozen pizza for $8, or ice cream for $6. Then why are you reading this guide? (I say as if I have never done that myself.)

I shop here fairly often, somewhere between the frequency/dollars of WinCo and the natural chains. I probably don’t need to tell you much about them: they’re cheap. They’re convenient in that you can buy literally anything else your heart can think of while you’re there. Their Great Value brand is affordable.

More vegan-friendly than I would think. . . Some Light Life items by the tofu, plenty of mylk (including my favorite!). What can I say? It’s Walmart. You’re going to save money.


Apparently So Delicious’ Barista Style creamer is really hitting it mainstream.

Sidenote: Scroll up and compare to Save Mart. Yeah. I should have captured Whole Foods when I was stocking up on mylk. Oh well. I’m pretty sure it’s closer to Walmart’s price, or at least it was when I last purchased it.


A typical Maddie haul, with admittedly ambiguous Skittles. And Soy Nog! I can’t wait to rip into it and review. 

That’s all for now. Next week, I plan on sharing some more frugal tips. Stay tuned!