Vegan MoFo Day 16 – Your Typical Weeknight Meal. . .

. . . If your typical Monday brings you home at 3:00pm and you don’t have to be back at work until 11:00am the following day. Maybe this isn’t so “typical.” The in-progress title that I chose to go without: Clusterfuck Pizza. Because the toppings are just a little on the random side.


My main motive for this pizza (besides pizza being the best ever meal), is that I wanted to bake. I wanted to bake something nice and yeasty. The fact I have new-to-me Vegan Pizza was a smaller factor.

My current flour stock has a whole wheat to all purpose ratio of about five to one. I have nearly-full bags of whole wheat and white whole wheat flour, plus about half a bag’s worth of whole wheat pastry. I only have half a bag’s worth of white flour, which I use a lot more of. . . obviously. So a crust that’s whole wheat to white in a ratio of 2-1 is just perfect for what I have. Enter the whole white wheat crust! Tasty, and it barely even looks different than a white crust.

My only complaint on this recipe is. . . No knead? Really? I tried using a fork as directed, but after about half of the flour was incorporated, I found it necessary to knead the dough to get the rest of the flour in. I’m not complaining – I love to knead. But I can see someone expecting a hands-free crust getting a little frustrated.


I flipped through the book for appetizing combinations but nothing really caught my fancy, so instead I went to my fridge for inspiration. My last pizza had been straight-up veggie and while that’s fine, I was craving a more meaty pizza. Enter seitan – I’m pretty sure it’s the Isa Does It simmered seitan, but I rotate between so many that I could be wrong. I let it marinate in liquid smoke and “pizza seasoning” – it gave it a flavor that was a mix between pepperoni and italian suasage (my favorite pairing!). For veggies, I used spinach, black olives, heirloom tomatoes, and fresh (seeded) jalapeno.

Un-pictured because sauces make for boring pictures: the red sauce from the book (using both the oil and tomato paste variations) and an impromptu cheeze sauce made with leftover Toffutti, silken tofu, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil.


Here’s my little pizza ready to go. I sprayed the crust with oil before topping to prevent the sauce from absorbing – a little “trick” that I find to be necessary 99% of the time. Cornmeal and a pizza stone: also beneficial (though a cookie sheet will still make decent enough pizza in a pinch).


Here it is fresh out of the oven. Yummy! I was shocked (and happy) to see that the Tofutti sauce browned, bubbled, and formed a skin! It still wasn’t as good as cashew creme, but if you’re out of cashews. . . Do what you need. This was a nice alternative, but not “perfect” – so no recipe.


Here you have the one and only photogenic slice. I was impatient and cut into the pizza immediately after it came out of the oven. Yeah, um. If you like pizza to be pretty and not a mushy mess. . . Don’t do that.